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Trees of Winter

Trees of Winter

After the stint in Japan, we came back to US, only to fly again across the country to attend our President, Barak Obama’s inauguration ceremony. We just got back to Berkeley and after all those flying and time zone changes, I can’t sleep.


So as usual I went surfing among SL blogs and landed first on the Drummers page to find that I do not have much in common with SL folks. My last name has only a single syllable! But I know I have lot of SL qualities! I even have a grandma in SL who twitters, just like Dinidu and the newspaper. She expect all of us to respond to her twitts, immediately as well!

I see I have missed a lot in the SL blogsphere but what I exchanged ware really good. We (Miss Fukuoka and I) had a really good time in Hokkaido and it was great to be by ourselves without any outside contacts for two weeks!

It is good to be back too, to read stuff that I have missed. Had a great laugh reading 51 things by hissyfits! But looks like I missed a bunch of things that happened in SL, all good and mostly bad stuff. ViceUnVersa tells me about US’ interest in SL but all I hope is that the little country has a respite from all these fighting. May be it needs bit of cleaning like Darwin did. But reading the great post by Cerno put a halt to all that cleaning business. It would take a long long time to heal the country.

It is also endearing to read the efforts of the birdman, to be one with the nature. I did not fail to say hi to Noorie either! at her Trivia Night.

Lastly for tonight, visited Javajones and learned about the Nrityagram. We do not get much chance watching them here. But I try never to miss any, when ever there is a performance around here.

So people, nice to be reading all of you. Got to get some sleep!



  1. It’s nice to have you back KS, you were missed. You won a little award as well.

  2. Hey KS. Welcome back. 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot RD, I was lazy last night and thought of catching up your older posts later. I did miss the awards posts! Shame on me. I will be writing later!
    Thank you GF, missed all of you/

  4. Too bad you missed them late last year when they performed in Santa Barbara. They will be back again in the States later this year so do try to catch them.

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