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Why we go to gamesI went to Oakland Warriors game tonight  and even though people like George Lucas were a few rows ahead of me, and the game itself was great, all I could think about was RDs award, The 2008 Blogging Awards – The Best Newcomer. (except  those times when the cheerleaders were gyrating there bodies in most sexy manner and those perky upper bodies try to fly in our direction).

The game was great but warriors lost in last few seconds (105.106),  but no worries, next time. On the other hand, who cares! I am the best new comer to Sr Lankan Blog Sphere! So as a thank you to Sri lanka,  RD and the SL Blogsphere,  I promptly arranged two computers to be delivered to two students whose parents work for my Grandma. One requirement is that they visit RD’s Blog, once they got the hang of their computers and connected to the net. They are already well versed in basic computer usage as my Grandma allows them to use her computer, of course under her watchful eyes. (Which means they are not 100% free use it). So RDs  gesture will make two kids very happy and who knows, might also make two great bloggers!

The award is truly a great surprise and I was also very happy to read the comments left by dignitaries of Sri Lankan Blogsphere. But the truth is that I really love and enjoy reading Sri Lankan blogs (So much so that I have assigned time for it in my schedule). From Great Bloggers (like RD, CERNO, INDI, JavaJones and many more) to make me happy bloggers (like Trigonometric Dancer, Sach,Noorie, Darwin, Missing Sandwich Blog Of The Year 2008), Dinidu, Gutterflower, Hissyfits, Indyana , Scrumps , VunV,{there are many others but forgive me for not listing all)) added to the different breeds like Dominic, Gallicissa, feed my  cravings for knowledge in all Sri Lankan affairs. When ever I have time, I also read blogs of those kids from rural areas, whose command of English language is not much worse than mine. (It is great to have some blogs and bloggers that I could compare myself to). There are even some bloggers I do not like for their beliefs and the tone, yet read to gather knowledge. I know the situation in Sri Lanka is grim but it is not bad as some portray them and even if they were, one could have lightened up a bit and make a few people happy.

I an glad that I started to blog and the few minutes I spend browsing around the SL Blogsphere gives me enough positive vibe to continue doing so. So I write, mostly about myself and others, as Indi commented. (I have a belief that if I am not happy and positive by/about myself, it is harder to make others feel the same).

So RD and the SL Blogsphere, Thank you truly for making me happy! As I said in a comment to RD, this is better than the day I became Dr. Kalusudda.



  1. Awwww! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Scrumps!

  3. Congratulations! I’m really happy you got it! Keep the posts rolling!

  4. oooh… the warriors are a fun team to watch! who were they playing? and congrats on ur award 🙂

  5. Thanks Indyana and Gehan. The game was with Cleveland (LeBron James 😉

  6. You’re just fantastic KS. Good to have you back after your hiatus!

  7. Thanks MS, Miss you too. Congrats! BOTY!

  8. hey, how are you?
    Just checking on ya..:)

  9. Congratulations…
    I had fun reading your post 🙂

  10. Thanks Lady D and Hijinx! Catch you all soon

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