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I am a bit busy these days so there were no posts for some time. But after reading all those posts,  RD at the  GLF  and since he does not look kindly to my long absences,  I decided to post some thing specially for him!  Pure,  awesomeness packaged into a 10 minute clip. (You can watch more if you want.) Don’t Miss the Drummers! They are part of my campus life!

They have filmed a bollywood movie in Berkeley running and dancing through places and streets very familiar to me. They even run up my street (old house) at one point. I was sad because I did not know when they filmed this. I would have loved to catch some of the love with my camera. Sometimes it happens that I do not see these things. Once they were filming a documentary and I walked through the set without even knowing it. Later on someone noticed me on the film. Only then I knew! But this is special, even I could not miss such a great energy filled event !!!



  1. Thank you for that KS, a very brilliant video too

  2. You are most welcome RD, glad you liked it! Thank you for GLF stories!

  3. Hello, finally found sometime yesterday to watch the video. Too cute and so culturally true. Must find the DVD no?
    Do wish people in our Motherland were as ingenious as people in the Bharat.

  4. Hi DD, glad you watched and liked it. Movies Books usually make one forget about other disturbances we tend to nature. Hope people will find the best in each other.

  5. Hey you’re in my blogroll, why not I in yours? Rather forward, yes I know. 🙂

  6. That’a Tamil flick actaully making it technically Kollywood fare! It’s a great movie I’ve watched ,maybe I’ll watch it again for your uni now!

  7. Thanks Indy! It is the rage at the campus and even made it to campus news!
    DD, you are now (Yep the advertising / marketing people are rather forward, I have one in the family!) Actually I need to add more, one of these days!

  8. Cheerio and Tx. About to come to your part of the world again. Unfortunately I’ll be in wrong post code.

  9. You are very welcome DD, and safe travels.

  10. Its a really nice tamil movie. Intresting to know that its your uni.

  11. Yes Santhoshi, it is the place!

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