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When My father went about taking care of my new house and the garden, which is pretty large in city standards, added a bunch of trees to already an ample collection of trees. He knows I love flowers and Hanami, or flowering time in spring, and carefully added few Ume (Plum) Momo (Peach) and Sakura trees. We already had some granite slates (pretty Big) from SL shipped and now lays under the Sakura tree. The trees were transplanted from a land my parents own in Oregon and they are ready to bloom. So come April, Miss Fukuoka and I will drink a cup of sake under the sakura trees. Usually Plum blooms first followed by Peach and ends with Sakura. Ume is already flowering and here it is. I did try to focus but iPhone decided to focus on the sky! 😉 I will post other trees as they bloom!

I have been eying tuk tuks by RD and I absolutely love them. I already managed to send my old Grandma Shopping for them and I saw her packing them last night via video! I should have them in a few days! Cerno managed to take me to a childhood wonder of star gazing (which I still do with the same enthusiasm ) yes, sky is a wonderful place. 

Indi is /was having a poetic evening at the barefoot and hope the Arrack Malum tasted good. We got some Arrack at home and I would like to know how to make malum with it.  But he did not reply to my comment. He went on to write about flesh forks and a lesson in eating rice with hands and fingers. I tried it a few times and curry ended up in my elbows, of course I was gathering rice with fingers and trying to eat / lick off my palm. But I am very good with Chopsticks, I can even eat curry with them!

Anyway I need to raise a glass for Dinidu as the guy is being brave like most real journalists do. I admire his courage. It is disturbing to see how people value others. I do not know why one sees others life as less valuable. Not only in SL, around here in Bay area as well.

Noorie did a II can continues with it. But lately it is more thinking! The Missing Sandwich is happy with her new pain killer. The play seem to be a fun one and Shakespeare himself would have loved it.  ViceUNVersa wants a new country! Me too!!

But Javajones asked question that send shivers through my back bone. I am still a child at heart and easily mingle with children. As you know all the children nowadays  are diiferent from when we you were children. I had to deal with a teenager who was a child of close family friends of ours. In many peoples eyes, she was a bad girl, stupid girl, drug addict and such things. But none bothered to see what the real problem was. After a few talks and two bike rides, she realized that there are other ways to get away from boredom and frustration. Just needed a nudge in the right direction. Now she is registered in a dance class and rides her bike everyday to get high on pure oxygen. People around her, including her parents beginning to see her for what she is! It is hard to draw lines and make theories regarding children. Let children be children. My parents did! 🙂

See you later, I am about to leave for the mountains (there is a big storm coming our way) to play with snow!



  1. Dude, the spring is AWESOMELY AWESOME with Sakura and all that. Especially after the shitty winter… I’m eagerly waiting…

  2. Hi Sachintha, we all do. But today we are told to expect more than foot of snow starting at 2000 feet level. I was all ready to go to the mountains but was kept from doing so due the approaching storm. Next week ! yes!

  3. Hey KS – I’m pleased that you’ll be getting the tri shaws, please put some photos of them up when you can.

  4. I love your posts! They always seem to be filled with such warmth! 🙂 Beautiful photo btw Kalu! 🙂

  5. Yes RD, I expected Grandma to ship it via UPS or such bu she decided to add it to the box she ships quarterly or so with SL tea, Pickles, spices and every such things that people living away from SL gets. The package is traveling via sea route and might be some time before it comes here!
    Thanks Scrumps, we all are warm creatures. It is just that I would rather smile than frown. I too am surprised at the capabilities of iPhone photos. I do not carry the small camera around any more. As you can see it does a pretty good job. But I still keep a DSLR in the trunk of my car!

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