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This is just to say thanks to scrumpulicious or scumps as I usually address her. Somehow I managed to miss a bunch of her posts! May be a sign of getting busy. I even missed a post where she said that I could be a gentleman! and it was not only me, she praised a bunch of bloggers. Yes You did start a fire, in a corner of my heart! Then she told us of a fund raising she did! Funny because I was involved in a such event helping children in and around wars. I got auctioned off for 5 grand. But then Miss Fukuoka outbid the lady for $5100. Man I was in the clouds!

Well I thought this post is about Scumps! Alright

Scumps, reading you is like an expresso after a very nice meal, you complete it! Salute!expresso


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  1. Awww! Bless your heart Kalu! You’re lovely! 🙂

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