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Today one of my friends directed me to this prodigy playing guitar. I too was directed towards piano in my early years and this is one of the songs I learned and it took me years to perfect it. Then when I learned to play the bass, it took another few years play it properly so that I could play front of an audiance. This kid is amazing and I have been watching some of his videos and I am sure you will to once you listen to him. He plays many artists out of his head! where I still need the score pasted on every surface to play anything. This really will humble many.

This another but there are lot of his videos on YT. Enjoy!

His YT Page.



  1. Aww. He’s such a cutie!
    He’s almost hidden behind that guitar. 🙂

  2. Wow! He is such a gifted kid.

  3. Aww.. such a cute li’l prodigy. His talents are superb.. playing all those subtle notes so brilliantly.

    He also reminds me of JE (Johnny’s Entertainment) kids and our own Lankan talents we see on Derana Little Star and the like. They’ve all got bright futures ahead.. for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing. ^__^

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