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Cerno started Sri Lanka’s Top hundred blog posts book project, and I think it is a great idea. Then Cerno gave us instructions what we could do and beginning with RD, many have commented and posted about what they think as good posts. I read a few blogs when I joined the SL blogsphere, from the man himself that I thought were great posts. Even though there are many more posts that I read, the following two stands out. I will write later on about other bloggers and their posts that made me think, laugh or jump up and down (Or all those at once). Here goes; (I hope it is ok to nominate more than one post)

Colombo driver’s survival guide – mystery of the coloured lights

Vegetarian’s guide to insecure meat eaters


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  1. A great thought no doubt. But I wonder if it’s feasible, unless a responsible impartial committee is appointed to handle all tasks. And who’s gonna bear such a burden? -__-

    Still if it works.. it’ll be a great promo for the wonderful bloggers out there. I’ve a bunch on my reading list too.. to nominate. ^__^

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