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Yes I found what I was looking for. The series on TrishawMafia by  Javajones need to besuggested for T100SLBPBP (sounds like some kind of SL tea!). I think given the size of blog posts, this might be best concatenated into a single article, of course with author and the Judgesof Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book projectapproval. 

The other posts I like from JJ is the series he did on Buddhism in the line of four noble truths.

There’s this Mafia in town

More on that Trishawmafia

The Trishawmafia episode ends – for now



  1. Thanks Kalu. Actually, most of the substance is true – including the ‘t-shirt being small’ episode! Long Tall Richie is still hanging around Bareass Boulevard (he was one of the hecklers at the Open Mic show at Bareass), M is still very much a permanent part of the scene, the Head Mafiosi may still be editing his Leisure type glossy mini-mag and I. Claudius is still king of the Boulevard. Haven’t seen much of the t-shirts recently, but do check out the site (if it is still going and they haven’t yet been busted).


  2. Note to the Mafia – Java wants commissions on any sales resulting from the unearthing of this experience.

  3. Thanks Java, I really enjoyed reading the series. Hope others like them too!

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