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FujiSama On GeoEye-1Hope you are having a good time with the Book Project. I have been a bit busy with academic, professional and personal life. But went sailing with my two brothers, only us no wives or girl frinds and no Mama at the helm. I will write soon.

Cerno, You are going to love the content from GeoEye-1 see more at Google



  1. Hi
    My name is Ranjit and I realize you follow my blogs and I am appreciative of your comments.
    If you dont mind,it would be nice to know a little about you and your SL connection, especially as you blog from Japan.
    Best Regards

  2. Had a look at GeoEye-1 features. Look awesome!
    It is very detailed!!

    The entire business/market planning will be based on Location Intelligence soon in South Asia.
    (This was already started in the US/Europe a few years back)

    I’m awestruck to see the vision of these Google guys!

  3. Hi Ranjit, Yes I am a very big fan of your blogs. Basically I await to read your posts. My mother is from Sri Lanka and and her family used to own tea growing lands but now only a little of that left. I am in Berkeley CA and yes I spend a lot of time in Japan as my girl friend and soon to be wife is from Japan.
    I love farming and her family has farm or two in Japan. I think still a little bit planter blood runs through my veins! 🙂 I will write more later.
    Kirigalpoththa, Yes what you see is the surface, there are more to it but I think this is as hi res as we will get at the moment. Yep, I spend day or two per week at Big G and yes they have a vision!
    Thank you both for visiting

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