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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Got To Bethe tee that is,

As for being a Lankan, I was not born there either but my Grand Ma never treats me otherwise! Nothing else matters!! So I am with the Drummer too!

Edited to add a link to RD! ūüôā


Since I missed some important people in my last post about making a Japanese Curry, I have to start from the END, cos I forgot to mention his deed in the earlier post. Actually I wanted to mention a photo of a dancer that had the same effect on me when I was watching the real thing, being sea sick on land. It was a very nice Photograph, captures more than the dancer.

Then I forgot to link Java even though his was the best story, that reminded me about wonderful world we live in. “Java took the best draw on the pipe” ¬†May be I got high just seeing the deapth of Javas drag!

Looks like I also forgot to link the center of the conversation, RD’s thank you note! You are welcome!

If my Mama was not a healthy girl, I would not have written this because she would have had a heart attack. I was guided by certain someone to cook chicken curry, alas not in SL style but Japanese! I do not know if you are familiar with Japanese Curries but they are not the same as SL curries.

Anyway I am home today because I got a rope burn on one of my legs from sailing, wrong way! So I am resting. My sweetie wanted to cook for me but was late to attend one of her meetings. So She laid out everything, ingredients, meat (cut into cubes, the way I like them), onion, Potato, curry cubes, and other stuff that goes into a Japanese Chicken curry.

First I was to saute garlic and chicken, I burned garlic and burned myself trying put chicken in the pot, but managed to stay without saying bad words, just like I stayed without saying bad words, when NB posted bad stuff about RD.

Then I added onion, potato and water and is cooking now, I need to stir once in a while and I did that about 10 min ago, got to run and do it now! Ooops, I forgot to add Kabocha, a kind of squash, I just did it!

Getting back to RD and NB, whole Kottu was afire. I watched from side lines and read how people reacted. So let me put out my judgement, if anyone care, I don’t mind what people do as long as they do not hurt others. Revealing personal info about RD was what NB did wrong. I think without that portion, NB would have been taken on stride. I have seen many name callings but all came to be normal after a time.

I have start from the END, cos I forgot to mention earlier.

Java took the best draw on the pipe and handed it over to David and David being David did what he does best and the water in the pipe was boiling by the time arrow hit the target!. ViceUnVersa took the pipe and did not even mind that the water was hot, because his plan was to heat things up all along.

Now I have to put curry cubes into the boiling meat, potato,onion, kabocha mixture. Curry cubes are pre mixed spices and stuff freeze dried.

But ever cool none smoking (I think so) Cerno picked two stories for his Top 100 collection and Sachintha tried liven up the place with some spring flowers but it only made me sad, ‘cos this year we did not make it to Japan to see Cherry Blossoms, not even to Washington DC.

DC, I meant DeeCee also got pulled into this but she asked us to go climb a mountain but I have climbed that mountain, actually you can walk all the way up Kilimanjaro! But I am with her when she said “We were fine until you got here.But she is a Colombo Chic! alright I got to check my curry!

The curry is still being cooked and I poured myself a small cup of sake and brought the bottle with me to the living room where I am writing this. It is 12C out side now and I thought it was supposed to get warm. I hope it is warm because I am sailing almost the whole weekend.

My dear Missing Sandwich tried to cool down the pipe and when she applauded RD I shook my head in SL style, up and down in succession, (agreeing with her) left to see what The kill romeo project up to! Yep his post, a contest made me laugh but did not know enough to nominate a name.

My Sweetie just called and asked to turn on the rice (yes we eat rice) cooker but after a minute of trying I gave up, I can read hiragana but Kanji makes me feel like man after a few toddies, (not the kind RD, DD and the folks in the UK drinks but the kind the circus guys on coconut trees bring down) She can cook her rice when she gets here.

But I sailed (ha) over to Hissyfits read her address to this bawa fellow and I learned a few things. Man I love SL. I also read cerebral rumblings and yes, I could not have said better.

There are many other good hearted people who came to stand by RD, I salute you. I am sorry I did not link all of you. NB I am sorry man, I think you did the wrong hence no links to you. But I never say never and if you prove to be a nice fellow who made a mistake, (but I think this is a mistake very hard to pull back) I might link you. NOT!

But who gives a **** (You will never see bad words here, as my Mom reads this log sometimes and I don’t reall feel like writing either) because I saw RD has just posted a photos of his new Den RD Towers! Looking Cool Dude!

Thank you RD, Showing us, how grown up brothers do! Love Ya!

I was hiding away for a long while but when I read this news item, I had to come out of the woods (most likely water and the bay) to write something for RD. I was sad to see and read what fellow humans could do and capable of!

I know I do not need to cheer him up as he is quite a cheerful fellow but if this brings a crack (HA!) of smile, I would be very glad!

Soccer Player Yellow-Carded for Farting

Everybody else Hello! I read your blogs on my iPhone and the Blackberry, but it is hard to type with cold wrinkled fingers as I am driving myself day night evening and morning to get some sailing qualification. It is really fun to sail! and I will be sailing blue waters soon!

Happy Sri Lankan New Year to You!