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I was hiding away for a long while but when I read this news item, I had to come out of the woods (most likely water and the bay) to write something for RD. I was sad to see and read what fellow humans could do and capable of!

I know I do not need to cheer him up as he is quite a cheerful fellow but if this brings a crack (HA!) of smile, I would be very glad!

Soccer Player Yellow-Carded for Farting

Everybody else Hello! I read your blogs on my iPhone and the Blackberry, but it is hard to type with cold wrinkled fingers as I am driving myself day night evening and morning to get some sailing qualification. It is really fun to sail! and I will be sailing blue waters soon!

Happy Sri Lankan New Year to You!



  1. driving to get some sailing experience?
    hmmm…sounds strange! still, enjoy!
    may the dawn of new year bring you (drive you..?) into calm blue waters,safe..

  2. Hi Tinker, good to see you! Yes I need to get a qualification to join an expedition. Have been sailing before but never looked to get certifications. But I am enjoying the experience already. Still in the bay and a little blue water, but soon!

  3. what boats are you training on?

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