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Since I missed some important people in my last post about making a Japanese Curry, I have to start from the END, cos I forgot to mention his deed in the earlier post. Actually I wanted to mention a photo of a dancer that had the same effect on me when I was watching the real thing, being sea sick on land. It was a very nice Photograph, captures more than the dancer.

Then I forgot to link Java even though his was the best story, that reminded me about wonderful world we live in. “Java took the best draw on the pipe”  May be I got high just seeing the deapth of Javas drag!

Looks like I also forgot to link the center of the conversation, RD’s thank you note! You are welcome!



  1. Great, who is this NB character?

  2. Hello NB, thank you for the visit and I am posting your comment because you changed your attitude with your last post and I think it is a positive move.
    I read your post, As I said before, it is hard pull some stuff back, but life’s lessons never ends!

  3. ha

  4. Hi Tom, but drop the hank man, I am a hunk!

  5. Hi Kalu,
    You are the lucky winner of the quizz. Come and claim your prize.

  6. man

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