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milliband The Vulture

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I lost a post yesterday that contained a single image. It is about Miliband the Brit who thinks he runs the world. Someone got to tell him that the sun has set on the empire and somebody did, today. Miliband is nothing more than a vulture (I am insulting vultures, who are magnificient birds here)  then again we even protect vultures! Welcome to the new world Mr Miliband. Pull your head out.

Simon Jenkins, Piccolo Diplomacy

Do nor forget to read the comments; which starts with

Milliband is nothing more than an immature, cocky, ignorant, and shirty little upstart who suffers from an acute case of foot-in-the-mouth-itis. Foreign policy and diplomacy needs a lot more stature and brains than the incumbent. Time for him to shut up and get back to a beginners’ course in 21st century politics and international relations

But there are comments that approve of him too.

Here is a few paragraphs of  the article by Mr. Jenkins, thank you Mr.Jenkins for speaking up.

I hope President Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka takes time out today to comment on the resignation of Mr Speaker. What the Sri Lankan government h as “wanted to see”, he might say in the jargon of the new interventionism, is clean and transparent democracy in Britain. Speaking for all Sri Lankans, he would regard the affair of MPs’ expenses as “unacceptable” and “not living up to their commitments”. A group of Sri Lankan MPs would be visiting Britain to monitor developments.

Ridiculous? Yet those are exactly the words and tone of voice used by Britain’s foreign secretary, David Miliband, in his dealings with what seems like half the globe. The Foreign Office wakes each morning and scans the world’s conflicts to ponder where it might score a quick headline with a call for peace, reform, a ceasefire or “United Nations action”.

I cannot see the point of Britain telling the world that “what we want to see is Russia on a different course“. It merely infuriates every Russian. Why does Miliband say of Syria’s dictator that “I’ve been talking for over 18 months to him about his responsibilities in the region”, as if he wereLugard addressing a recalcitrant Nigerian chief? Why boast that he is “working on maintaining a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza” when he is doing nothing of the sort?

A delegation of Singapore’s MPs might feel equally justified in visiting London to express the “unacceptability” of Britain’s financial regulation. The Colombian prime minister, recently criticised by Miliband for the “impunity” of his militia, might wonder at the impunity of Britain’s corrupt arms dealers.

Pakistan, lectured weekly by London about its army’s performance, might demand an inquiry into discipline at Deep Cut barracks. Beijing might discover a Miliband-style “moral obligation” to defend minority rights in Northern Ireland, given the resurgence of separatist violence. The Swedes might denounce Britain’s care of the elderly on the grounds that they “cannot stand idly by” while welfare state values are traduced by British callousness.



  1. Good one Kalu.
    Apparently the word ‘hypocrisy’ is missing from all these people’s dictionary.

  2. That was a very interesting and amusing article KS.

    I wonder if he’s the most ‘famous’ foreign secretary with the largest number of ‘fans’.. in the world..! =D

    Thanks for sharing. ^__^

  3. lol sucks to be Milli.

  4. One of your best KS, bravo!!!

  5. Heh he. Bloody idiot, he is.

  6. Sach, it is there but they still treat countries like SL as their colonies. Dee it sucks to have Mili around! 🙂
    You are welcome Harumi and DD your complements are always valued but I think you are much braver!
    SI, yes he is! Best thing SL could do is prove these nuts are wrong, once again!

  7. Not a single word of appreciation from Miliband upto now for finishing the war and freeing the civillians!

    He must be feeling bad since the war is over.
    One less thing in the world for him to put his nose. ;0

  8. Yes K, all these morons are looking to feed their agendas. I am convinced enough never to take these politicians for their face value.

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