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That is not my smell Mr Miliband

That is not my smell Mr Miliband

This man seems to be a selective humanitarian.  He sided with removing Sadam (where were you when France sold arms to Sadam?),  knowing very well that it will kill hundreds of thousands of people one way or another by chosing that path. May be Iraqi’s and Iranians(see later) are not human enough for him. What actually did you do Mr Kouchner as a doctors without borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)  member?  Human trafficking? I wonder why did Medecins Sans Frontieres thow you out?

I think you are doing all that good work to feed your own ego, otherwise you will not save some and kill others. I think you are false romantic too(or a sucker boy), “I will never betray you” to our own Condoleezza Rice. How come you did not visit Guantanamo bay? Why not? because they are terrorists or because they are not human enough for you? Hypocrite. Or are you a bloody backboneless nincompoop, scared to question big boys?

I hope you see every human equally and treat such. If you are promoting not to send funds to those IDP children in camps because Sri Lanka does not suck up to you, you are not better than Sadam. The difference is you kill people and put the blame on others. See the statements you made about Iran later in this post, they are your words. You only pretend to be a compassionate man. I think you are a power hungry and dangerous man. I read about you a lot before writing this. I am glad I did because it showed me how hollow you are. So keep your compassion at home in France. Because they might throw you out again, once the dirty work is done. I really hope you die, politically. Party hoppers like you usually do.

You say you started Medecins Sans Frontieres because you saw children starve and die. Great, then how come you are alive and they are dead?  Your same compassion is killing children again, in Sri Lanka. Feed them first and then play your political games, I do not care. I am doing my part to feed those kids even though my efforts are a drop in an ocean.  At the same time I feel sorry for your kids, they must not be getting their dinner, unless they do exactly what you want them to do.

Oh, I love you message of peace, fresh and crispy like a skunk tard. Following are Your own words, not mine.

In an interview on 16 September 2007, he said, “We will negotiate until the end. And at the same time we must prepare ourselves […] for the worst…. The worst, it’s war….”  (Bernard’s view on Iran.)

When criticized about his statement;”I do not want it to be said that I am a warmonger! […] My message was a message of peace, of seriousness and of determination. […] The worst situation would be war. To avoid that, the French attitude is to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, without fear of being rebuffed, and to work with our European friends on credible sanctions.” President Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin had balls, unlike you.

Don’t stop aid that is going to Sri Lanka that you or your country aren’t even giving. Let those children live. If you are brave, go after big ones. (I don’t think you will, you don’t have the balls. Ego maniacs like you lack in that department too.)

To me You are a monster who wrote reports about starving children while munching on a sandwich in Africa so you could live big, later. That was your agenda. When my kids ask about Medecins Sans Frontieres, I will tell them, “it is a very good organization, one of the very best in the world, happened to be co-founded by an ego maniac. But do not worry, he was thrown out once people found out who he was”. I am sorry that I even knew you Mr. Kouchner.



  1. gr8 strong post for Bernard Kouchner to think about!!

  2. Great post again! I like the pictures more 😉

    I think Kouchner got the reply he never forget from the defence secretary

  3. He is a big pretender of human rights protector. As I said it looks to me that he did all that selective work with the aim of going places. Pure Opportunist. Thx for commenting.

  4. Nice picture of skunks. =D

    Anyway great post KS! Very effective, comprehensive and intense.

    Know what? You should be in our Parliament, with that kinda wits and guts.. =D

  5. Very interesting (and true-t-fact) post. Western double standards and hypocrisy as blatant as it is, is one thing. Its dictatorial sermonizing approach towards matters to do with other countries – especially asian countries is another and both put together make it a bit too much.Cute picture of the skunks : )

  6. Thx Harumi and Slow Chills. They are morons, over and over.

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