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actlankaI learned about ACT through Indi’s posts like toy drive, Tragic feelings and work he did with them. Even before the war ended, these people were working to get medicines to hospitals and other materials to the camps. I silently joined and supported them. I do not care much about politics and last few days I have learned how naive I am when it comes to politics. I realized that people perpetrating to be saints in the international arena are much worse than those leeches sometimes I have encountered in SL.

Either way I have said what I felt and I will spend my energies towards those morons but those children in SL. It does not matter who they are, the truth is they are suffering. People like miliband and kouchner are hell bent on bringing their version of justice to SL, gladly ignoring the plight of people who are suffering. I wish they attended to these suffering people first. They certainly can and looks like they do not. Until they finish their wars at UN and EU, you can help to alleviate some pain of those people by helping organizations like ACT. I think it is time to act, Just think your help will allow one kid to go to sleep painless because his wounds are attended to.

Photo stolen from Indi

Photo stolen from Indi

So do not let moronic acts of people in power stop you from helping a kid like above smile.

Following is from ACTLANKA, ACT to Rehabilitate, about page. Follow the links to find out how you could help.

ACTION & CARE TRUST (ACT) has been formed with the specific mandate of assisting Sri Lankan civilians whose lives, livelihoods and families have been permanently adversely affected by war. We will assist in the rehabilitation of any of the injured, including soldiers of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

ACT is a non-political Trust formed by a group of concerned Sri Lankans in Colombo.  Our aim is to focus on the Survivors of war and endeavor to improve their quality of life, in the short, medium and long term.

Three Phase Action Plan

Phase 1: Emergency Relief & Support to Receiving Hospitals
Phase 2: Rehabilitation Assistance for Survivors
Phase 3: Self-Sustainability Initiatives for Survivors

Phase 1 is currently under way.  Phase 1 involves aid deliveries to the following hospitals:

  1. Vavuniya Hospital (Completed 04/04/09)
  2. Vavuniya and Padaviya Hospitals (Ongoing)
  3. Pulmodai Receiving-point Delivery

We are making a Commitment to Action.

ACT asks YOU to join Them. I have. There might be other Organizations but these guys at least getting the stuff to people. What ever the path you like, helping another will never be in vain.



  1. Glad to hear there’s a Trust to take care of our people in Vanni. I’ll post a link to this post on my blog too, hope it’s alright.

    Thanks heaps for enlightening us on this timely topic.

  2. Hi KS,

    Thanks for this post and the information on ongoing relief work by ACT.

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