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Petty Thief

I am not paying back, Don't forget to vote for me

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has apologised for the MPs’ expenses scandal but says he will not be paying back any taxpayers’ money from his own claims.” Telegraph

I was all into being a modern day hero of British origin in green tights, and take from rich (my parents) and give to the poor. Like claiming more “household”expenses and giving it to the IDP camps in SL. But I was beaten by Miliband, in reverse order. He takes from the poor and enriches himself.

Yes the big humanitarian, Miliband has been juicing his own tax payers, like sums small as £89 a month. So if he is treating his own country like this how would you expect him to treat poor children in a small country like Sri Lanka well. There is no profit in helping but a lot of political profit if he jumps and screams on front of the whole world.

By the way I will withdraw calling him a vulture. I am now looking for a picture of a plague rat.(I did find one that looks like him as well.)

Perhaps countries like Sri Lanka were good escape goats for atrocities that miliband like people want to cover up. He can use these to draw peoples mind away from pressing issues like up to 380 MPs going home due to claims scandal. According to Telegraph he has been syphoning amounts small as £89 in his monthly expense claims. For last five years, Miliband spent just under £30,000 on repairs, home.

The current Foreign Secretary, spent up to £180 every three months on his garden, it seems his own gardener was wondering if this was right. In April 2008, on the bottom of a receipt for £132.96, the gardener wrote: “Please let me know if you would like pots making up at front and back this year, given the relatively short time you’ll be here and their labour-intensive nature. Under the rules, MPs may claim for basic garden maintenance, but not: “plants, shrubs, flowers, hanging baskets or other decorations”.

Miliband fell foul of rules in 2005 for claiming reimbursement for a £199 pram and £80 in “baby essentials” and were both rejected.

Miliband regularly claimed about £89 for undisclosed “household items”.In 2006, when requested for details on “household items”,  he wrote back withdrawing the claims, saying: “I am afraid I have not been able to lay my hands on the receipts for the items so we had better leave the payment as you have made it. I will keep a closer guard of the receipts in future.” Mr Miliband failed to resubmit his claim, even when the fees office wrote back advising that he did not need to provide receipts, but just to supply details of the items. He was not asked to repay his previous claims over several months.

During the five years covered by the receipts, British citizens paid for a £412 hand-crafted chair, a goose-down duvet and chenille throw from Marks & Spencer, a £450 “Gatsby” John Lewis sofa, and a washing machine and tumble dryer, some of which were ordered in the name of his American wife, Louise.Miliband, who claimed between £100 and £200 a month on food, also claimed almost £6,000 for repairs to the front drive and boundary wall — justifying the expense by sending a number of photographs along with their quote to the fees office.

A spokesman yesterday said: “At every stage, David Miliband followed the procedures and rules as laid out by the parliamentary authorities.” Yes,  Rats never think they steal, they think what they steal are rightfully theirs!



  1. Glad we chase away the rat!

  2. Wow.. he should be in the Guinness Book of Records for performing such a spectacular spending spree using tax money alone! =D

  3. ha! what a laugh…

  4. THX guys, you can easily see this guy is a crook has no interest in suffering children. While he plays political games, people suffer.
    I like to see how much English and French give to SL as aid.

  5. Not a fan then Kalu huh?! 😛

  6. Good one, Kalu!
    Thanks for finally leaving vultures out of this.

  7. No Scrumps, I am not much of a political guy (Only voted once in my life, in last election, just because of Obama) But when I read about the international politics, I was amazed at how these guys ply games.
    I really do not care how and who they want to prosecute but holding Small children and grand ma’s for ransom is what makes me mad!

  8. Sorry Gallicissa, for using Vultures! I was awed by those birds when I saw them vulture valley in South America. I might see them again this summer.

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