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Hubble In It's New Glory!

Hubble In It's New Glory!

Thanks a million light years! U.S.A., Thank you NASA! for Improving my vision! If you like the image, get a high resolution poster size image from NASA directly. Click on the image.



  1. Who (What) took the picture of Hubble?

  2. The Atlantis space shuttle took the photograph just after releasing it from repair dock.
    The Hubble received a new wide-field camera and a state of the art spectrograph. They also conducted repairs of the main survey camera and the imaging spectrograph and replaced gyroscopes as well. Good to go for another five years!

  3. just went on my desktop, that. thanks!

  4. Wow.. that’s great. Hubble’s been up there for such a long time ne.. high time it needs a change of outfit.. lol

    Thanks for the splendid pic. ^__^

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