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cruel story of youthAfter a long time I had a Chance to go for a movie, actually two. I could have gone with my nieces and nephews to see Pixars “UP” or “Cruel Story of Youth” at the Pacific film archive theater at the campus. Of course with a heavy heart I chose the latter! Because we have a Japanese friend visiting us and we for a while have not spent any quality time (not my words) together.

The movie was made in 1960s by Nagisa Oshima and tells the story of two teenagers who rebelled the post war Japanese establishments and got them selves involved in with nasty Japanese underworld characters. If you like movies like “Rebel without a cause” then you might like the movie. Even though it is sub titled, little bit of Japanese knowledge will help you to find and understand yesteyears Japanese.

I am off for a 16 weeks of sailing, chasing whales, swimming with dolphins, watch soaring vultures in the vulture valley in Argentinian bad lands and such boring stuff with one of my brothers and his crew. I have been training the whole spring and now I am a qualified sailor and I have renewed my diving license.

I know my mother (may be someone else too) praying that I would return without facing any major accidents. Usually accidents follow me like shadows follow normal people. But I will be alright and  I might not be able to blog. I will be reading your blogs though. We have multitude of communications gear but I have not mastered all of them either.

I will also do some work for my employer, big G while on the trip and will also carry some research gear for some other universities that I work with. All in all it will be a four months of continuous work and I will be back with some knowledge to fill all these voids in my mind and the brain that I have.

It will be intersting as this is the first time I will be travelling towards the tip of South America. I have reached the cape of good hope or Kaap de goede hoop as would my ancestors say, already. One thing I know is, sailing is in our family, except my Mom.

I have to drop this and join the conversation about religions that is going on now. Later. I will manage a few more posts before I leave.

But some where down, I feel and wonder if i am a cruel human being, for having fun.



  1. Thanks for the info though it’s not my kinda movie. =D

    oh and cool to hear about your tour.. I’m sure it won’t be boring as you say. =D Good luck!

    And too bad you won’t getta blog, though I hope you can take some great snaps and post them when you get back.. esp. of the whales, dolphins and the ocean. =D

    Ja mata ne.. sore ni.. Itterasshai!

  2. Have a great and safe trip Kalu. Looking forward to reading about the whales in particular.


  3. THX Harumi, Yes it is hard to get used to but I have two parents who love old movies and I got used to watching and enjoying them.
    Yes I am looking forward to a great tour.
    Thanks Java, I am always looking forward to these excursions as learning tools. Yes the whales will be interesting as we do not hear much about the regions we are going.

  4. Have a wonderful trip Kalu, maan, you are making me jealous!

  5. Good Luck mate. Have a great Time!!

  6. Have a good time!

  7. Have a safe and great trip!

  8. Happy trails. Be safe.

  9. Thanks Serendib, man it is work! I am working for three organizations!
    Yes Kirigalpoththa, there are some plans for some hiking climbing in Argentina as well.
    Vipul, thank you.
    Snathoshi thank you and I will.
    DD, my man I will, be good while I am gone!

  10. Moms will be moms…. it was really sweet the way she worried for you.

  11. A voyage will give you plenty of time to reflect and also a whole bunch of new perspectives. All great persons who have changed the history of the world for the better has made such journeys.
    Great expanse of nothing but the water and the sky will do you wonders.
    Do keep the posts coming in.
    The ship has ultra cool communication gear dude. No reason you cannot master them within a couple of weeks.

    About safety , think Ernest Shackleton, he got by and so would you.

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