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I just dropped my better half off at the airport, she is on her way to Fukuoka. So I am clearing up some last minute details before I leave. Like someone take care of my place, collect mail, and make sure my plants (like ones that produce nice flowers like below and are not supported with automatic drip irrigation)  get water in the hot summer months.yellow

I am all wired up, so far even not feeling that I am going to miss a bunch of people closer to my heart. I am usually like that and will be wailing inside the next day.

It was also good to know that your bosses like you and not likely to fire you during these bad economic times.

All my gear is already gone ahead of me. I will be carrying a small bag when I fly off to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas to be exact. We will doing some diving in Sea of Cortez as a final training for uninitiated people like me and fun practice for the veterans like my brother.

Then we will set sail off to the southern waters. I will make another post from Cabo San Lucas before we sail.

Be good and keep your blogging to it’s best so I can enjoy my trip as well as keeping up with what is going on in SL!

Adios Amigos.



  1. Have a good one. Safe trip!

  2. Lucky you

  3. We’ll miss you KS but sounds like you won’t miss us! Have a fantastic time.

  4. Good to hear you won’t miss us, so ok we won’t miss you either! =P lol

    And yeah, have fun sailing n diving. Bon Voyage! ^__^

  5. Have a good trip KS! Just had a diving session in Catalina and I’m drooling at the prospect of diving in teh warm waters in Mexico!

  6. Travel in joy!

  7. I hope you will see lots of marine life including whales.
    Look forward to hear about your adventures.

  8. U might also enjoy the ‘donkey show’ in Tijuana Mexico if you pass that way 😉
    Have fun n have a blast divin!

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