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In to the unknown



  1. Oh..

  2. *keeps staring*

  3. O_O

    um.. that’s a moon and its reflection right? but how come the whole area is so pitch black?! Did you Photoshop it? *sorry I’m seeing too many photoshopped pics lately, and now I can’t seem to distinguish the real ones from the edited* -__-

    Well.. w/e it is, it’s still a classic pic.. no doubt. ^__^

  4. wow
    that is
    brill 😀

    dude, I want that for my desktop wallpaper!
    could you email me a larger res copy?
    I promise I won’t misuse it
    😀 😀 😀

  5. damn thats good.

  6. amazing amazing pic! looks a bit as if the moon has been dipped in honey, doesn’t it? 😀

  7. wow..

  8. Awesome pic Kalu! What kinda camera/lens/specs did you use?

  9. THX Middle Child, Lady D. Harumi, no photoshop other than cropping to make it small.
    Saint, yes you can have one. I will email you a copy
    Hi Chavie, yes it has. It was so serene on the beach.
    Thanks Santhoshi. Scrumps this was taken with a Canon 1Ds MK II with a EF 24-105L at F4 and ISO 400

  10. Really? that’s amazing.. never seen such a pitch black night before.. you guys are so lucky to capture the best of nature. ^__^

  11. Wonderful picture!

  12. Wow! Am loving the shots. Great ahhh!

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