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Man it is hot, but the sea breeze (We have not run into storms yet, only a few squalls which were fantastic.) makes you forget that the sun is actually turning you into a pinkish lobster. I have shed enough skin I think I am about a Kilo lighter. And at high noon your brain goes into a hibernate mode and wakes up only at sunset or after few dives into the cold sea. So I only think during the evenings!sunset leaving Cortez

It is great to take dips in the sea or Pacific Ocean based on where we are. We caught a humongous tuna for last dinner and that was the best fish I had in a long while. I got to clean the decks after they massacred the fish.

The lack of photographs is due to restrictions placed upon us by the company who sponsored the trip and even personal photographs taken on the boat need to be cleared before posting. The last photo was not a problem as it was taken on the land. But I am going to post a cropped sunset that we experienced when we left Cortez. Basically I will be doing the same whenever I can or until I get caught.

I surf when ever I can and read your posts.




  1. Wow nice pic KS! Didn’t know life at the sea was that tough. But the experience might be worthy a million times more. ^__^

    Too bad about the restrictions. Anyway keep us updated about your trip, without pics then. =D

  2. WOW MAN!
    Is that an open boat?
    Gee… I always wanted to have a long journey on such a boat… well, still it’s one of my biggest dreams!


    But who knows, I might, someday…

  3. is your company affiliated with the SL defense ministry, not allowing photos and stuff? 😕

    lovely photo KS, loving it! hope you get to post many more without getting caught… 😉 cheers!

  4. nice..

  5. Hey Kalu – are you guys anchored out at sea or do you come ashore at the end of the day’s diving? The ocean looks a bit choppy at sunset (like over here)- is it ‘flat’ like a lake at sunrise?

    The trip sounds great so far. Diving with the whales as yet??

    Take care.

  6. Harumi, I am loving it but sometimes(always) I miss my Mom and Miss Fukuoka
    Hi Sach, we have two boats one is a 48 foot sloop which is my brothers and a cruising cat, which I really love. Photo is from the sloop which is my quarters.
    Chavie My brother is doing a series of documentaries for big TV channel/s. We in the Pacific Ocean at the moment.
    Thx Santhoshi
    Hi JJ good to see you we have left the shores for a while but will be back in a week or so. There were times that sea was rough but it is like SL waters, it get rougher when we go south. Waking up is the best part, but I miss my running so I jump in and swim till I get tired Thanks for the drunk animals video, how ever much I watch it I laugh every time

  7. oh Yeah ne.. that’s for sure. How long you’re gonna be out in sea by the way?

  8. Man, that is beautiful! You are one hell of lucky guy mate..:)

    Let us know the the TV documentary when it is out.

    Thanks for the post1

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