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The sea is like a painting but the pain is in my heart. I am over the top for being here but I miss a bunch of people. I speak to my family and love at least once a day but sometime you want to hold hands.

Miss you guys too but I manage to browse all of you time to time. My server at home transmits a collective feed, something like a private Kottu. I like the positive notes I hear from SL direction. Be good before the sun



  1. Wow.. so beautiful and serene.. a sea without big white waves.. you’re not around dead sea, are you? =D

    Thanks for sharing the pic. ^__^

  2. *oh, that should be.. Dead Sea. Sorry I forgot to capitalize.. =D

  3. Two places I’d love to wake-up: in the middle of the sea and in the middle of the desert. Makes one realise how insignificant is one’s life in the grand scheme of things…

  4. Thanks Harumi, the sea is very much alive now! 🙂
    Hi Serendib, Yes I am lucky to have experienced both. It gets in to you. I am already thinking about my next sailing trip!

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