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Hello People, Thank you for keeping me interested for a year and more than 9000 visits. It is a great way to learn about SL and her people.

I should Thank RD and Cerno for noticing me and going on to even give me an award! For the best newcomer to SL Blogsphere. But there are too many that I visit and converse all the time and I will fill a few pages if I am to mention all. I certainly would but I need to share the connection with a few others and tasks like transmitting what we do! 🙂

I am usually a happy person and the SL Blogsphere has made it more so. Numerous visitors and commentators have made it a very nice experience. So much so that some misgivings some people who behaved badly, were easily forgotten. All in all this is a good experince.

All in all Kottu and Achcharu have provided me windows to look in to SL and her people. Thank you to keepers of Kottu and Achcharu too.

I am in high seas at the moment and last few days I did not get a chance to write. Enjoy 4th of July, if you do such things. I will be celebrating with my shipmates. 4Th Of July has a special meaning to me. We have big plans for the day, even though they are limited to two boat decks. It might extend beyond the decks, depending on how the alcohol reacts with ones brain cells.

This Flower is in My Grand Ma’s garden in Colombo. (I don’t like it because the sap from the tree burned my skin!) But I like the scent it gives, very serene. But this foto is from Mexico, they grow very well here too!

Familiar Flower, Photo From Cortez

Familiar Flower, Photo From Cortez



  1. Wow.. that’s great! Congratz! And best wishes to keep the blog going for another century! ^__^ hehe..

    Nice to hear you’re gonna celebrate 4th of July too.. time sure flies fast. *that reminds me, I need to change my calendar page too, as it’s still on June!* =D

    oh that’s Araliya or temple flower as we call it here. Didn’t know its sap could burn. Maybe you were just allergic to it. =D

  2. Happy blogoversary KS. Your blog is one of my favourites as you know, such a good and positive idea. Happy holidays too.

  3. hey, can you please write more about the ship you are on and the kind of work that they do ? So fat the posts have been fairly pathetic.
    Ok dude you miss everyone, we get it.

    Can we like move on and get some information on the interesting stuff ?
    a. The equipment on the ship

    b. the work they are carrying out.

  4. Dude enough with the sugary posts.

    Kottu is full of these “oh, my soul” types without you adding to their pain.

    We have the usual drama queens like Electra, RD , Gypsy and Naz, without you becoming one.

    Just tell us informationabout the voyage or is there another blog that you are posting on that ?

  5. Congratulations and keep it up KS!!! Enjoy your blog thoroughly!

  6. Congrats KS!!:)

  7. Happiness is a blog called Kalusudda, Congrats Mate! Blog on.

  8. My favourite gentleman blogger! 🙂

    Congratulations! 🙂

  9. Cheers Kalu!

  10. Congratulations….

  11. Arg! How could I have missed this!!! 😦

    Happy bloganiversary!!! And thanks for all the interesting comments

  12. Congrats..! Hope you can make that 9k figure to 9M!

    BTW I echoe ajith and would like to know more about your voyage and the boat..:)

  13. Congrats on your first blogoversary!

  14. Hey… Congrats! Love the picture 🙂

  15. what on earth happened here ? the man goes on one of the most amazing journeys and all that the readers here is how much he misses his family.

    Hey, can we have more details of the journey itself ?

    Christ in heavens , try not to go emo on us ,man.

  16. knock…knock…

  17. Hey, congrats..! Happy sailing, sailor!

  18. I don’t know where you are in the world right now but I tagged you on the off chance that you’ll post!

    Hope all is well sailor! 🙂

  19. KS, it’s been ages! 😐 hope everything’s alright, please post soon! 🙂

  20. Hey mate, where are you ?

  21. knock knock!

  22. I miss you! I think we all do. Where are you? Come back – even if it is just to say you’re ok! 🙂

  23. kalu?

  24. Kalu?! Where are you?!

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