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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Hello Followers of this Blog.

Kalusudda is no more. He never returned from the sea, at least not the way I and many others wanted him to.

As he always was, passed away helping his brother to live. His last words to his favorite brother was  “You got to go Man, you got kids!,” Written on a Message slate, but little he knew, he was a father too.

Now there is a little but exact replica of him running around. Just as naughty, creative and mostly, loving. Four years old and already breaking girls hearts. It is amazing how traits travel down the blood line. You would love to know, a couple of weeks ago, our son walked up to a girl, who was differently abled, looked at her for a while, smiled and gave her a huge hug. The girls mother cried aloud, because no one has ever been so kind to her. Strangers thanked him and he stood there, smiling, hands on his hips, as if saying, “Yea That is me!”. I cried, knowing, I have not lost a thing. So do not be too sad. 

His Mom could never recover from the loss and she joined him about one year after.  His favorite Grand Ma is with us in Japan now. She wants to spend rest of her life, near the little one. His Dad is still in California and so are his brothers. We are a family but it is hard for me to see the brothers. It is not hate, just they reflect his love for others. His Dad comes over all the time and we too travel back and forth. We are keeping the house that he so lovingly prepared for us.

I did not know about this blog and was sort of forced to find the information about the blog, Luckily he never forgot to leave all the information for me and for his Mom, including all his passwords for everything. I was asked to make this post, by one of the Sri Lankan friends of us. He wanted to let all the people who followed him have a closure. 

Before writing, I finished reading his posts, and he was much more than what he depicted. A human being, worth waiting, a life time for. Five years, and I still turn around and expect to see him standing with arms outstretched.

Say good bye to him in your own ways. 

Bye, Miss Fukuoka