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Hello I am Kalu Sudda who asked for Thambapu Waturu and still get laughed at by certain folks in SL. I study Physics and teach the same.

I like to visit SL blogs as it is the only way I can get some real or proper news. It is also fun to hear the voices of the distant land my ancestors adopted not so far away in the past. When I visit those colorful blogs, I leave comments and sometimes I forget where I left them or what I said. Another factor is that I like to revisit those blogs to see the reaction by blog author as well. So the purpose of this blog is to keep notes about those comments.



  1. An intersting pasttime indeed…keep it up! r you into any writing, photography, painting, of ur own?

  2. Hi Ink Beauty. Thank you. It took me two years to write my thesis and I had a very hard time, so I guess I am not a writer but I have my name on a few book covers that you do not usually see in a bookshop! I love photography and only photos that I took and looks nice are of galaxies, nebulae and occasional ice floe. Painting, I love Japanese calligraphy,(I consider it as a form of painting) which I spend a few years in learning.

  3. Shaaa…you’s is smart! and the idea is intriguing…makes me wonder why i never come up with anything creative or new! šŸ˜¦

    Physics teacher huh? you should come in handy!!! heheh

    Anyways takecare and have a great day! Cheers, cherrie!

  4. when are you heading to Sri Lanka?

  5. Man It is a year already?

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