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The sea is like a painting but the pain is in my heart. I am over the top for being here but I miss a bunch of people. I speak to my family and love at least once a day but sometime you want to hold hands.

Miss you guys too but I manage to browse all of you time to time. My server at home transmits a collective feed, something like a private Kottu. I like the positive notes I hear from SL direction. Be good before the sun


In to the unknown

That is countries not the surface of the Earth! Not bad for 25 years (I was travelling even when I was in Mom’s tummy).

Just to say that I am at the top of the world by being under water, below hammerhead sharks. I sure do remember how I used to cling to my brother when I was small,  same way, I ran to him (swam very very very fast, once I saw these wonderful creatures in the water).

One of the evenings, we were discussing about where in the world we have been, I am proud to say a lot, again thanks to my parents. Too bad I am not adding any on this trip. I have been to these countries before but the re is a chance that I might add one. The red is what I have visited and the white is yet to visit.

I am fully tanned (except certain areas) and shedding my skin like a snake already. I am loving it. I figured out to Twitter from my phone. So there might be more tweets than posts! (Twitter link at the bottom ot the site, one of those wordpress gadgets)

been there

create your own visited country map

cruel story of youthAfter a long time I had a Chance to go for a movie, actually two. I could have gone with my nieces and nephews to see Pixars “UP” or “Cruel Story of Youth” at the Pacific film archive theater at the campus. Of course with a heavy heart I chose the latter! Because we have a Japanese friend visiting us and we for a while have not spent any quality time (not my words) together.

The movie was made in 1960s by Nagisa Oshima and tells the story of two teenagers who rebelled the post war Japanese establishments and got them selves involved in with nasty Japanese underworld characters. If you like movies like “Rebel without a cause” then you might like the movie. Even though it is sub titled, little bit of Japanese knowledge will help you to find and understand yesteyears Japanese.

I am off for a 16 weeks of sailing, chasing whales, swimming with dolphins, watch soaring vultures in the vulture valley in Argentinian bad lands and such boring stuff with one of my brothers and his crew. I have been training the whole spring and now I am a qualified sailor and I have renewed my diving license.

I know my mother (may be someone else too) praying that I would return without facing any major accidents. Usually accidents follow me like shadows follow normal people. But I will be alright and  I might not be able to blog. I will be reading your blogs though. We have multitude of communications gear but I have not mastered all of them either.

I will also do some work for my employer, big G while on the trip and will also carry some research gear for some other universities that I work with. All in all it will be a four months of continuous work and I will be back with some knowledge to fill all these voids in my mind and the brain that I have.

It will be intersting as this is the first time I will be travelling towards the tip of South America. I have reached the cape of good hope or Kaap de goede hoop as would my ancestors say, already. One thing I know is, sailing is in our family, except my Mom.

I have to drop this and join the conversation about religions that is going on now. Later. I will manage a few more posts before I leave.

But some where down, I feel and wonder if i am a cruel human being, for having fun.

all mineAll the limbs are intact (though sore), a few scrapes here and there. But I am doing great as I am surrounded with love and it even hurts to be loved so much. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Love to all my fellow bloggers too.

I also learned something from Issac Newton that is not physics! and put it into practice, with some Japanese Punk skiers. Now they are my slope buddies!

Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy!, Sir Issac Newton.”

Photo above is what I mostly see these days. Did not do much climbing, due to weather and my fellow climbers being somewhat lazy!.

We will soon go back to Fukuoka!

All packed and ready to go. I already shipped some stuff directly to Fukuoka, Japan.  It is going to be a quite bit of flying and rewards. I did not see my parental grand parents physically (I see them on video comm  weekly) so it is going to be fun!  I will celebrate Christmas with them.I have already seen the tree in the living room via video and looking forward open my gift! They always have wonderful gifts.  Then I will be off to see my maternal Grand Ma. My favorite Grand Ma. She will be very happy to see me. My mom is already with her. Alas I will not be able to spend more than two days with her. But she will be happy to have her best grand child for holidays, even for a short while. 

Even though I want to see and meet some people like Java with his cookies,d Cerno, even The Drummer with his Big ones and many many more, I will not be able to do so. After landing in the night, I will come to Colombo and next morning, I will be off to the mountains. I will coming to the airport directly from there. So Meeting people will have to wait. I would love to see many a people but I really like to spend all my time with my Grandma. It was not easy to get right timing with a round the world ticket!

Wormth of Love.

Warmth of Love.

Then comes the fun part! I will be off to Fukuoka to Miss Fukuoka’s place. After running around with my future in laws for a few days, my family will join us. As soon as they come we will take off to a holiday house (Cabin) that Miss Fukuoka’s family has in the mountains in Nagano.  Nagano is full of mountains and ski resorts that you do not want to leave, ever. Usually we ski during the day and get together with young crowd and get drunk in the evening. But this time it will be different. My Mom, Father, 3 young Fokuokians who happens to be one brother and two sisters will attempt to climb at least some mountains. It might be a difficult task as Miss Fukuoka has already gone there to stock up the cabin and has seen many a road closures.

Miss Fukuoka and I will be going to Hokkaido as soon as my parents leave, on our own private holiday, when we come down from the mountains of Nagano, in the first week of January. The should give us some time to be us! and catchup with what ever we missed in 2008! If you like skiing and snow boarding, Hokkaido is a heaven. It will be good to hold hand in the heaven, even with the gloves on.

I am yearning for everything and everyone. It has been only two weeks since Mom is gone and a week since Miss Fukuoka is gone. There are big two holes in my heart already and a small one for my Father.

Love to all of you. May the holiday cheer bring much needed laughter and fun to SL. I am going to miss all of you but I do not think I will blog until I return. Of course I will try to find some time and let you know how we do! I have a few books and three movies and a bunch of music on my iPod. Java will like to know I picked up my second Krishnamurti book, “This Light In Oneself”.  I really liked “Freedom From The Known”. 

Merry Xmas and happy holidays! 

Wishing you all very happy new year.