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Hello People, Thank you for keeping me interested for a year and more than 9000 visits. It is a great way to learn about SL and her people.

I should Thank RD and Cerno for noticing me and going on to even give me an award! For the best newcomer to SL Blogsphere. But there are too many that I visit and converse all the time and I will fill a few pages if I am to mention all. I certainly would but I need to share the connection with a few others and tasks like transmitting what we do! ūüôā

I am usually a happy person and the SL Blogsphere has made it more so. Numerous visitors and commentators have made it a very nice experience. So much so that some misgivings some people who behaved badly, were easily forgotten. All in all this is a good experince.

All in all Kottu and Achcharu have provided me windows to look in to SL and her people. Thank you to keepers of Kottu and Achcharu too.

I am in high seas at the moment and last few days I did not get a chance to write. Enjoy 4th of July, if you do such things. I will be celebrating with my shipmates. 4Th Of July has a special meaning to me. We have big plans for the day, even though they are limited to two boat decks. It might extend beyond the decks, depending on how the alcohol reacts with ones brain cells.

This Flower is in My Grand Ma’s garden in Colombo. (I don’t like it because the sap from the tree burned my skin!) But I like the scent it gives, very serene. But this foto is from Mexico, they grow very well here too!

Familiar Flower, Photo From Cortez

Familiar Flower, Photo From Cortez


I have been tagged by RD, the Drummer. ( Five Words, Five Bloggers and Five Tags, )

The rules according to the one with sticks are;

You write five words to describe how you feel about recent events in Sri Lanka.

You tag five bloggers.

You sit back and relax.

1.Child’s pain

2.Mothers agony

3. Despair



Here By I tag;

1. Java, the Jones Variety

2. Sachintha, the turning Japanese kind,

3. Harumi the Animated,

4. Life In Taprobane, the loud one,

5. The End, The never ending kind.

Miliband's Enemies.

Miliband's Enemies.

I guess UN is no Commonwealth! Mr. Miliband.  You lost, again.

(Just type “miliband household expenses” to google or click this link)

I wonder why people elect morons, ¬†to their governments and I really hope now some form of aid and relief will reach SL and those suffering people will have some relief. ¬†These children have not forgotten how to smile. Hope they will continue to be so. These same numskulls, who argue, and say “we are humanitarians only if you do this or that”, could have started to send some aid, instead of running losing campaigns. These campaigns are a shame, they become instruments of politics rather than the real issue at hand. Some times I wonder if western countries did not want the SL war to end. If they were genuinely concerned they could have brought up the fact later, after taking care of the suffering.

I guess I learned about international politics during last week to last a life time. Conclusion, 90% of the politicians do not care about people but themselves.

Here is what happened at UN HRC.

11th special session of the Human Rights Council: Adopted resolution – unedited advance version

In favour: Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Uruguay, Zambia;
Against: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
Abstaining: Argentina, Gabon, Japan, Mauritius, Republic of Korea, Ukraine].

In favour: Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Uruguay, Zambia;

Against: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;

Abstaining: Argentina, Gabon, Japan, Mauritius, Republic of Korea, Ukraine].

British Press

Sri Lanka forces West to retreat over ‚Äėwar crimes‚Äô with victory at UN

UN supports Sri Lanka aid effort

That is not my smell Mr Miliband

That is not my smell Mr Miliband

This man seems to be a selective humanitarian. ¬†He sided with removing Sadam (where were you when France sold arms to Sadam?), ¬†knowing very well that it will kill hundreds of thousands of people one way or another by chosing that path. May be Iraqi’s and Iranians(see later) are not human enough for him. What actually did you do Mr Kouchner as a doctors without borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)¬†¬†member? ¬†Human trafficking? I wonder why did Medecins Sans Frontieres thow you out?

I think you are doing all that good work to feed your own ego, otherwise you will not save some and kill others. I think you are false romantic too(or a sucker boy), “I will never betray you” to our own Condoleezza Rice. How come you did not visit Guantanamo bay? Why not? because they are terrorists or because they are not human enough for you? Hypocrite. Or are you a¬†bloody backboneless nincompoop, scared to question big boys?

I hope you see every human equally and treat such. If you are promoting not to send funds to those IDP children in camps because Sri Lanka does not suck up to you, you are not better than Sadam. The difference is you kill people and put the blame on others. See the statements you made about Iran later in this post, they are your words. You only pretend to be a compassionate man. I think you are a power hungry and dangerous man. I read about you a lot before writing this. I am glad I did because it showed me how hollow you are. So keep your compassion at home in France. Because they might throw you out again, once the dirty work is done. I really hope you die, politically. Party hoppers like you usually do.

You say you started Medecins Sans Frontieres because you saw children starve and die. Great, then how come you are alive and they are dead?  Your same compassion is killing children again, in Sri Lanka. Feed them first and then play your political games, I do not care. I am doing my part to feed those kids even though my efforts are a drop in an ocean.  At the same time I feel sorry for your kids, they must not be getting their dinner, unless they do exactly what you want them to do.

Oh, I love you message of peace, fresh and crispy like a skunk tard. Following are Your own words, not mine.

In an interview on 16 September 2007, he said, “We will negotiate until the end. And at the same time we must prepare ourselves […] for the worst…. The worst, it’s war….” ¬†(Bernard’s view on Iran.)

When criticized about his statement;”I do not want it to be said that I am a warmonger! […] My message was a message of peace, of seriousness and of determination. […] The worst situation would be war. To avoid that, the French attitude is to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, without fear of being rebuffed, and to work with our European friends on credible sanctions.” President Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin had balls, unlike you.

Don’t stop aid that is going to Sri Lanka that you or your country aren’t even giving. Let those children live. If you are brave, go after big ones. (I don’t think you will, you don’t have the balls. Ego maniacs like you lack in that department too.)

To me You are a monster who wrote reports about starving children while munching on a sandwich in Africa so you could live big, later. That was your agenda. When my kids ask about Medecins Sans Frontieres, I will tell them, “it is a very good organization, one of the very best in the world, happened to be co-founded by an ego maniac. But do not worry, he was thrown out once people found out who he was”. I am sorry that I even knew you Mr. Kouchner.

If my Mama was not a healthy girl, I would not have written this because she would have had a heart attack. I was guided by certain someone to cook chicken curry, alas not in SL style but Japanese! I do not know if you are familiar with Japanese Curries but they are not the same as SL curries.

Anyway I am home today because I got a rope burn on one of my legs from sailing, wrong way! So I am resting. My sweetie wanted to cook for me but was late to attend one of her meetings. So She laid out everything, ingredients, meat (cut into cubes, the way I like them), onion, Potato, curry cubes, and other stuff that goes into a Japanese Chicken curry.

First I was to saute garlic and chicken, I burned garlic and burned myself trying put chicken in the pot, but managed to stay without saying bad words, just like I stayed without saying bad words, when NB posted bad stuff about RD.

Then I added onion, potato and water and is cooking now, I need to stir once in a while and I did that about 10 min ago, got to run and do it now! Ooops, I forgot to add Kabocha, a kind of squash, I just did it!

Getting back to RD and NB, whole Kottu was afire. I watched from side lines and read how people reacted. So let me put out my judgement, if anyone care, I don’t mind what people do as long as they do not hurt others. Revealing personal info about RD was what NB did wrong. I think without that portion, NB would have been taken on stride. I have seen many name callings but all came to be normal after a time.

I have start from the END, cos I forgot to mention earlier.

Java took the best draw on the pipe and handed it over to David and David being David did what he does best and the water in the pipe was boiling by the time arrow hit the target!. ViceUnVersa took the pipe and did not even mind that the water was hot, because his plan was to heat things up all along.

Now I have to put curry cubes into the boiling meat, potato,onion, kabocha mixture. Curry cubes are pre mixed spices and stuff freeze dried.

But ever cool none smoking (I think so) Cerno picked two stories for his Top 100 collection and Sachintha tried liven up the place with some spring flowers but it only made me sad, ‘cos this year we did not make it to Japan to see Cherry Blossoms, not even to Washington DC.

DC, I meant DeeCee also got pulled into this but she asked us to go climb a mountain but I have climbed that mountain, actually you can walk all the way up Kilimanjaro! But I am with her when she said “We were fine until you got here.But she is a Colombo Chic! alright I got to check my curry!

The curry is still being cooked and I poured myself a small cup of sake and brought the bottle with me to the living room where I am writing this. It is 12C out side now and I thought it was supposed to get warm. I hope it is warm because I am sailing almost the whole weekend.

My dear Missing Sandwich tried to cool down the pipe and when she applauded RD I shook my head in SL style, up and down in succession, (agreeing with her) left to see what The kill romeo project up to! Yep his post, a contest made me laugh but did not know enough to nominate a name.

My Sweetie just called and asked to turn on the rice (yes we eat rice) cooker but after a minute of trying I gave up, I can read hiragana but Kanji makes me feel like man after a few toddies, (not the kind RD, DD and the folks in the UK drinks but the kind the circus guys on coconut trees bring down) She can cook her rice when she gets here.

But I sailed (ha) over to Hissyfits read her address to this bawa fellow and I learned a few things. Man I love SL. I also read cerebral rumblings and yes, I could not have said better.

There are many other good hearted people who came to stand by RD, I salute you. I am sorry I did not link all of you. NB I am sorry man, I think you did the wrong hence no links to you. But I never say never and if you prove to be a nice fellow who made a mistake, (but I think this is a mistake very hard to pull back) I might link you. NOT!

But who gives a **** (You will never see bad words here, as my Mom reads this log sometimes and I don’t reall feel like writing either) because I saw RD has just posted a photos of his new Den RD Towers! Looking Cool Dude!

Thank you RD, Showing us, how grown up brothers do! Love Ya!

This is just to say thanks to scrumpulicious or scumps as I usually address her. Somehow I managed to miss a bunch of her posts! May be a sign of getting busy. I even missed a post where she said that I could be a gentleman! and it was not only me, she praised a bunch of bloggers. Yes You did start a fire, in a corner of my heart! Then she told us of a fund raising she did! Funny because I was involved in a such event helping children in and around wars. I got auctioned off for 5 grand. But then Miss Fukuoka outbid the lady for $5100. Man I was in the clouds!

Well I thought this post is about Scumps! Alright

Scumps, reading you is like an expresso after a very nice meal, you complete it! Salute!expresso

Why we go to gamesI went to Oakland Warriors game tonight  and even though people like George Lucas were a few rows ahead of me, and the game itself was great, all I could think about was RDs award, The 2008 Blogging Awards РThe Best Newcomer. (except  those times when the cheerleaders were gyrating there bodies in most sexy manner and those perky upper bodies try to fly in our direction).

The game was great but warriors lost in last few seconds (105.106),¬† but no worries, next time. On the other hand, who cares! I am the best new comer to Sr Lankan Blog Sphere! So as a thank you to Sri lanka,¬† RD and the SL Blogsphere,¬† I promptly arranged two computers to be delivered to two students whose parents work for my Grandma. One requirement is that they visit RD’s Blog, once they got the hang of their computers and connected to the net. They are already well versed in basic computer usage as my Grandma allows them to use her computer, of course under her watchful eyes. (Which means they are not 100% free use it). So RDs¬† gesture will make two kids very happy and who knows, might also make two great bloggers!

The award is truly a great surprise and I was also very happy to read the comments left by dignitaries of Sri Lankan Blogsphere. But the truth is that I really love and enjoy reading Sri Lankan blogs (So much so that I have assigned time for it in my schedule). From Great Bloggers (like RD, CERNO, INDI, JavaJones and many more) to make me happy bloggers (like Trigonometric Dancer, Sach,Noorie, Darwin, Missing Sandwich Blog Of The Year 2008), Dinidu, Gutterflower, Hissyfits, Indyana , Scrumps , VunV,{there are many others but forgive me for not listing all)) added to the different breeds like Dominic, Gallicissa, feed my  cravings for knowledge in all Sri Lankan affairs. When ever I have time, I also read blogs of those kids from rural areas, whose command of English language is not much worse than mine. (It is great to have some blogs and bloggers that I could compare myself to). There are even some bloggers I do not like for their beliefs and the tone, yet read to gather knowledge. I know the situation in Sri Lanka is grim but it is not bad as some portray them and even if they were, one could have lightened up a bit and make a few people happy.

I an glad that I started to blog and the few minutes I spend browsing around the SL Blogsphere gives me enough positive vibe to continue doing so. So I write, mostly about myself and others, as Indi commented. (I have a belief that if I am not happy and positive by/about myself, it is harder to make others feel the same).

So RD and the SL Blogsphere, Thank you truly for making me happy! As I said in a comment to RD, this is better than the day I became Dr. Kalusudda.

I am now here but was nowhere moment ago after reading JavaJones! But he kindles thoughts in you. I like that a break/feel from usual blogging. But rythmic drummer is playing air drums again, on the way to Singapore. But he calls it “Doing A Soixante Neuf”. Cerno has written about the same person, wondering why did she run away! GF is feeling lonely among crowds and ViceUnVersa is painting bodies, beautifully. Noori is being not much different from my students, though mine(s) have more time in their hands! Indyana is taking a break in Thailand I think. Such is having a hard time with her dog being not well. I learned about a good Monk from Sashi.


But I had a visitor! I grabbed my camera to take some candid shots and here are the results! Gallicissa, how does she look! click on thumbs for a larger view!


Did you get it right?

Did you get it right?

Cerno was busy with some friends and commented about how people tend to get sloppy as they age. But I think that attitude is changing. My parents are very close to reaching mid century mark in their lives. But both look very young and extremely fit. Their friends are keeping better as well but not good as them. I am keeping myself fit and I need two to three times the calorie intake of normal person of my age due to strenuous limits I push myself to. If I am going on a climb, I / we will train harder and the intakes go way high during the training. I really mean it when I say fit. 6’2” and 165lb (188cm and 76kg) I am almost as tall as my father and lithe as my mother. They did all the child bearing when they were pretty young! They planed everything well, except me creeping on their plans.¬†

Talking about fitness, trigonometric dancer is doing some heavy kick boxing. Which makes her see stars during and after. But she talks about stars that she saw after the training, from a bench in New York! We are blessed with fog over here I am lucky if I can find my way up to my place, in the evenings. When I want to see stars, I drive south a little, to the observatory where I work some times.  

Now I have replaced wind surfing with kite surfing, I took it to like a fish to water, even though I don’t want to be a fish in the water (Bay water is really bad and there are signs asking you not to eat fish caught here)¬†where I spend more time trying to fly than real flying. ! But when you do fly, you guts tighten, shoulders contract and the future generations get squished in the contraption that I still learning to master. But I will fly like or better than these guys soon! ūüôā .

The Deane told something about US Economy. Yes there are lot of economists talking about these and I think could have done better if those same economists were as good as they say they are. Some one even blamed Allen Greenspan for the troubles! I for one profited from this slump. The ridiculously high housing market keeps many from actually buying a house. I was lucky as my grand parents and parents helped me to get my first house as a graduation gift. But they also convinced me to invest, in real estate and so far I am fine. Those doom that people talk about has not reached me. Due to this slump, I was able to acquire my second house, for exorbitantly low price for San Francisco bay area. 

RD is flying high on his high flying and had a long  story about air line food. I am blessed with flying as well because I own a father who flies all the time. Even though not as much as my father my mother flies too. So we get free rides, usually business class for domestic flights. If we are on international flights we try to get little more comfy. I like to have silverware with my food, no matter where I eat. Yes I carry them even to mountain tops.

Indyana is getting ready for Eid and showed us some of the photos from celebrations in the past. She is very pretty! and so are the kids! 

Off to learn kite surfing! Later.

Jones quickly withdrew a post that I read yesterday, thanks to Google and has an explanation on the subject and more. I really likes the way he explained Karma. Most people tend to associate the word with negative outcomes only. I think java is a philosophical Buddhist. We will have a good time discussing quantum Physics and how Shakyamuni Buddha knew about parallel universes!, if we ever get a chance to meet.

Sach went and touched and photographed instructions on how to do it with other people. I also bought a new book, “ANATHEM” by my favorite novelist Neal Stephenson. It is a huge book (935 pages) but I usually finish in two weeks or so! (I prefer to read bound books rather than paperbacks).

I went back to drummer in England with another comment on his earlier post on living with parents. Gutterflower feels a bit down but from the look of comments left by kids like us, should take care of that or not! I told her about how I sailed through higher education and the virtues of college! No wonder I never left!!

Scrumps reminded me how way different some people think and behave,¬†I wonder if I grew up too fast and different, I am not much bigger than those people and already seeing the world in different ways.¬†I just simply do not fathom¬†how people can kill others, beheading shooting etc etc. You can bring your differences forward in a better civilised ways. Anything but killings. I know there are thousands if not millions of innocent people die everywhere. But my belief is that dialog can alleviate most. We become enemies because WE do not understand the other!¬†I love the way Scrumps thinks.¬†I prefer the way that Delon chap is going after MIA. I listened to the paper planes by MIA and I liked it. I also listened to Deleon’s song because we have mutual friends, and I like his one too. I see him going against MIA but I doubt very much that he wants to kill her. Killers don’t spend time formulating thoughts mixing tracks and dubbing to get the word out, to explain how one thinks and oppose something one think is wrong. I do not know much about MIA, but I think she is hot! ūüėČ .

But I came across a blogger who is a farmer in SL. Nice chap who has been to west east and more. He is trying to rebuild his life as well as those of a few people around him. He seem to be adamant on completing that tasks that he has put down on his plate. If you have not visited him before, be prepared to spend some time there, that is what I did! ūüôā He calls himself, Rajaratarala. My Sinhalese / Tamil teacher says that means a leader from the land of kings. He certainly sound like it. But read the about third rice crop at perceptions. You can find way to Rajaratarala from there!

Got to go, more to write but later.Books On How To Do It! And Then Censorship.