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Hello Followers of this Blog.

Kalusudda is no more. He never returned from the sea, at least not the way I and many others wanted him to.

As he always was, passed away helping his brother to live. His last words to his favorite brother was  “You got to go Man, you got kids!,” Written on a Message slate, but little he knew, he was a father too.

Now there is a little but exact replica of him running around. Just as naughty, creative and mostly, loving. Four years old and already breaking girls hearts. It is amazing how traits travel down the blood line. You would love to know, a couple of weeks ago, our son walked up to a girl, who was differently abled, looked at her for a while, smiled and gave her a huge hug. The girls mother cried aloud, because no one has ever been so kind to her. Strangers thanked him and he stood there, smiling, hands on his hips, as if saying, “Yea That is me!”. I cried, knowing, I have not lost a thing. So do not be too sad. 

His Mom could never recover from the loss and she joined him about one year after.  His favorite Grand Ma is with us in Japan now. She wants to spend rest of her life, near the little one. His Dad is still in California and so are his brothers. We are a family but it is hard for me to see the brothers. It is not hate, just they reflect his love for others. His Dad comes over all the time and we too travel back and forth. We are keeping the house that he so lovingly prepared for us.

I did not know about this blog and was sort of forced to find the information about the blog, Luckily he never forgot to leave all the information for me and for his Mom, including all his passwords for everything. I was asked to make this post, by one of the Sri Lankan friends of us. He wanted to let all the people who followed him have a closure. 

Before writing, I finished reading his posts, and he was much more than what he depicted. A human being, worth waiting, a life time for. Five years, and I still turn around and expect to see him standing with arms outstretched.

Say good bye to him in your own ways. 

Bye, Miss Fukuoka


Man it is hot, but the sea breeze (We have not run into storms yet, only a few squalls which were fantastic.) makes you forget that the sun is actually turning you into a pinkish lobster. I have shed enough skin I think I am about a Kilo lighter. And at high noon your brain goes into a hibernate mode and wakes up only at sunset or after few dives into the cold sea. So I only think during the evenings!sunset leaving Cortez

It is great to take dips in the sea or Pacific Ocean based on where we are. We caught a humongous tuna for last dinner and that was the best fish I had in a long while. I got to clean the decks after they massacred the fish.

The lack of photographs is due to restrictions placed upon us by the company who sponsored the trip and even personal photographs taken on the boat need to be cleared before posting. The last photo was not a problem as it was taken on the land. But I am going to post a cropped sunset that we experienced when we left Cortez. Basically I will be doing the same whenever I can or until I get caught.

I surf when ever I can and read your posts.


I just dropped my better half off at the airport, she is on her way to Fukuoka. So I am clearing up some last minute details before I leave. Like someone take care of my place, collect mail, and make sure my plants (like ones that produce nice flowers like below and are not supported with automatic drip irrigation)  get water in the hot summer months.yellow

I am all wired up, so far even not feeling that I am going to miss a bunch of people closer to my heart. I am usually like that and will be wailing inside the next day.

It was also good to know that your bosses like you and not likely to fire you during these bad economic times.

All my gear is already gone ahead of me. I will be carrying a small bag when I fly off to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas to be exact. We will doing some diving in Sea of Cortez as a final training for uninitiated people like me and fun practice for the veterans like my brother.

Then we will set sail off to the southern waters. I will make another post from Cabo San Lucas before we sail.

Be good and keep your blogging to it’s best so I can enjoy my trip as well as keeping up with what is going on in SL!

Adios Amigos.

Hubble In It's New Glory!

Hubble In It's New Glory!

Thanks a million light years! U.S.A., Thank you NASA! for Improving my vision! If you like the image, get a high resolution poster size image from NASA directly. Click on the image.

Petty Thief

I am not paying back, Don't forget to vote for me

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has apologised for the MPs’ expenses scandal but says he will not be paying back any taxpayers’ money from his own claims.” Telegraph

I was all into being a modern day hero of British origin in green tights, and take from rich (my parents) and give to the poor. Like claiming more “household”expenses and giving it to the IDP camps in SL. But I was beaten by Miliband, in reverse order. He takes from the poor and enriches himself.

Yes the big humanitarian, Miliband has been juicing his own tax payers, like sums small as £89 a month. So if he is treating his own country like this how would you expect him to treat poor children in a small country like Sri Lanka well. There is no profit in helping but a lot of political profit if he jumps and screams on front of the whole world.

By the way I will withdraw calling him a vulture. I am now looking for a picture of a plague rat.(I did find one that looks like him as well.)

Perhaps countries like Sri Lanka were good escape goats for atrocities that miliband like people want to cover up. He can use these to draw peoples mind away from pressing issues like up to 380 MPs going home due to claims scandal. According to Telegraph he has been syphoning amounts small as £89 in his monthly expense claims. For last five years, Miliband spent just under £30,000 on repairs, home.

The current Foreign Secretary, spent up to £180 every three months on his garden, it seems his own gardener was wondering if this was right. In April 2008, on the bottom of a receipt for £132.96, the gardener wrote: “Please let me know if you would like pots making up at front and back this year, given the relatively short time you’ll be here and their labour-intensive nature. Under the rules, MPs may claim for basic garden maintenance, but not: “plants, shrubs, flowers, hanging baskets or other decorations”.

Miliband fell foul of rules in 2005 for claiming reimbursement for a £199 pram and £80 in “baby essentials” and were both rejected.

Miliband regularly claimed about £89 for undisclosed “household items”.In 2006, when requested for details on “household items”,  he wrote back withdrawing the claims, saying: “I am afraid I have not been able to lay my hands on the receipts for the items so we had better leave the payment as you have made it. I will keep a closer guard of the receipts in future.” Mr Miliband failed to resubmit his claim, even when the fees office wrote back advising that he did not need to provide receipts, but just to supply details of the items. He was not asked to repay his previous claims over several months.

During the five years covered by the receipts, British citizens paid for a £412 hand-crafted chair, a goose-down duvet and chenille throw from Marks & Spencer, a £450 “Gatsby” John Lewis sofa, and a washing machine and tumble dryer, some of which were ordered in the name of his American wife, Louise.Miliband, who claimed between £100 and £200 a month on food, also claimed almost £6,000 for repairs to the front drive and boundary wall — justifying the expense by sending a number of photographs along with their quote to the fees office.

A spokesman yesterday said: “At every stage, David Miliband followed the procedures and rules as laid out by the parliamentary authorities.” Yes,  Rats never think they steal, they think what they steal are rightfully theirs!

actlankaI learned about ACT through Indi’s posts like toy drive, Tragic feelings and work he did with them. Even before the war ended, these people were working to get medicines to hospitals and other materials to the camps. I silently joined and supported them. I do not care much about politics and last few days I have learned how naive I am when it comes to politics. I realized that people perpetrating to be saints in the international arena are much worse than those leeches sometimes I have encountered in SL.

Either way I have said what I felt and I will spend my energies towards those morons but those children in SL. It does not matter who they are, the truth is they are suffering. People like miliband and kouchner are hell bent on bringing their version of justice to SL, gladly ignoring the plight of people who are suffering. I wish they attended to these suffering people first. They certainly can and looks like they do not. Until they finish their wars at UN and EU, you can help to alleviate some pain of those people by helping organizations like ACT. I think it is time to act, Just think your help will allow one kid to go to sleep painless because his wounds are attended to.

Photo stolen from Indi

Photo stolen from Indi

So do not let moronic acts of people in power stop you from helping a kid like above smile.

Following is from ACTLANKA, ACT to Rehabilitate, about page. Follow the links to find out how you could help.

ACTION & CARE TRUST (ACT) has been formed with the specific mandate of assisting Sri Lankan civilians whose lives, livelihoods and families have been permanently adversely affected by war. We will assist in the rehabilitation of any of the injured, including soldiers of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

ACT is a non-political Trust formed by a group of concerned Sri Lankans in Colombo.  Our aim is to focus on the Survivors of war and endeavor to improve their quality of life, in the short, medium and long term.

Three Phase Action Plan

Phase 1: Emergency Relief & Support to Receiving Hospitals
Phase 2: Rehabilitation Assistance for Survivors
Phase 3: Self-Sustainability Initiatives for Survivors

Phase 1 is currently under way.  Phase 1 involves aid deliveries to the following hospitals:

  1. Vavuniya Hospital (Completed 04/04/09)
  2. Vavuniya and Padaviya Hospitals (Ongoing)
  3. Pulmodai Receiving-point Delivery

We are making a Commitment to Action.

ACT asks YOU to join Them. I have. There might be other Organizations but these guys at least getting the stuff to people. What ever the path you like, helping another will never be in vain.

milliband The Vulture

Getty Images

I lost a post yesterday that contained a single image. It is about Miliband the Brit who thinks he runs the world. Someone got to tell him that the sun has set on the empire and somebody did, today. Miliband is nothing more than a vulture (I am insulting vultures, who are magnificient birds here)  then again we even protect vultures! Welcome to the new world Mr Miliband. Pull your head out.

Simon Jenkins, Piccolo Diplomacy

Do nor forget to read the comments; which starts with

Milliband is nothing more than an immature, cocky, ignorant, and shirty little upstart who suffers from an acute case of foot-in-the-mouth-itis. Foreign policy and diplomacy needs a lot more stature and brains than the incumbent. Time for him to shut up and get back to a beginners’ course in 21st century politics and international relations

But there are comments that approve of him too.

Here is a few paragraphs of  the article by Mr. Jenkins, thank you Mr.Jenkins for speaking up.

I hope President Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka takes time out today to comment on the resignation of Mr Speaker. What the Sri Lankan government h as “wanted to see”, he might say in the jargon of the new interventionism, is clean and transparent democracy in Britain. Speaking for all Sri Lankans, he would regard the affair of MPs’ expenses as “unacceptable” and “not living up to their commitments”. A group of Sri Lankan MPs would be visiting Britain to monitor developments.

Ridiculous? Yet those are exactly the words and tone of voice used by Britain’s foreign secretary, David Miliband, in his dealings with what seems like half the globe. The Foreign Office wakes each morning and scans the world’s conflicts to ponder where it might score a quick headline with a call for peace, reform, a ceasefire or “United Nations action”.

I cannot see the point of Britain telling the world that “what we want to see is Russia on a different course“. It merely infuriates every Russian. Why does Miliband say of Syria’s dictator that “I’ve been talking for over 18 months to him about his responsibilities in the region”, as if he wereLugard addressing a recalcitrant Nigerian chief? Why boast that he is “working on maintaining a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza” when he is doing nothing of the sort?

A delegation of Singapore’s MPs might feel equally justified in visiting London to express the “unacceptability” of Britain’s financial regulation. The Colombian prime minister, recently criticised by Miliband for the “impunity” of his militia, might wonder at the impunity of Britain’s corrupt arms dealers.

Pakistan, lectured weekly by London about its army’s performance, might demand an inquiry into discipline at Deep Cut barracks. Beijing might discover a Miliband-style “moral obligation” to defend minority rights in Northern Ireland, given the resurgence of separatist violence. The Swedes might denounce Britain’s care of the elderly on the grounds that they “cannot stand idly by” while welfare state values are traduced by British callousness.

FujiSama On GeoEye-1Hope you are having a good time with the Book Project. I have been a bit busy with academic, professional and personal life. But went sailing with my two brothers, only us no wives or girl frinds and no Mama at the helm. I will write soon.

Cerno, You are going to love the content from GeoEye-1 see more at Google