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Tag Archives: 4th Of July

Hello People, Thank you for keeping me interested for a year and more than 9000 visits. It is a great way to learn about SL and her people.

I should Thank RD and Cerno for noticing me and going on to even give me an award! For the best newcomer to SL Blogsphere. But there are too many that I visit and converse all the time and I will fill a few pages if I am to mention all. I certainly would but I need to share the connection with a few others and tasks like transmitting what we do! 🙂

I am usually a happy person and the SL Blogsphere has made it more so. Numerous visitors and commentators have made it a very nice experience. So much so that some misgivings some people who behaved badly, were easily forgotten. All in all this is a good experince.

All in all Kottu and Achcharu have provided me windows to look in to SL and her people. Thank you to keepers of Kottu and Achcharu too.

I am in high seas at the moment and last few days I did not get a chance to write. Enjoy 4th of July, if you do such things. I will be celebrating with my shipmates. 4Th Of July has a special meaning to me. We have big plans for the day, even though they are limited to two boat decks. It might extend beyond the decks, depending on how the alcohol reacts with ones brain cells.

This Flower is in My Grand Ma’s garden in Colombo. (I don’t like it because the sap from the tree burned my skin!) But I like the scent it gives, very serene. But this foto is from Mexico, they grow very well here too!

Familiar Flower, Photo From Cortez

Familiar Flower, Photo From Cortez


We are on our way to the beach and I am not driving (we have a designated driver today!) so here goes blogging with Blackberry. First I saw that Cerno has seen me as a uber tech guy. I guess when you study Physics to the end and search for others at SETI and when you think every object could be digitized, you worry about the desktop the least. I love the innards of a computer more, how to cram more memory, (4GB minimum (2GB on MAC) and even my Notebooks have two harddrives mirrored. my work/study is basically my life. That is the reason girls I will write about at the end this post, find it harder to stick around.

Then I read a note by Vice Un Versa , another Blackberry blogger, that represented a composite picture of SL, that made me sort of well up, not because of hot cup of coffee, I just spilled on my bare legs, I miss SL.

Then there was a question about sexual curiosity and guessing by Shoat Statements. Thank God (no my Mama and Papa) for giving me bronze sculptured body that 6 out of 10 females turn around and look, (the other four, I get them with my brains! 😉 ). Then I show them my girl friends picture! . I love the way their jaws drop! I am never alone and always get some!!.

I also found a new (to me) SL Blog, David Blacker! Going to read him.

Man that was long. Now for a day of surfing fun and alchohol, later in the evening we will be watching fireworks from hills above Golden Gate. Have a Super 4th Of July.