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That is countries not the surface of the Earth! Not bad for 25 years (I was travelling even when I was in Mom’s tummy).

Just to say that I am at the top of the world by being under water, below hammerhead sharks. I sure do remember how I used to cling to my brother when I was small,  same way, I ran to him (swam very very very fast, once I saw these wonderful creatures in the water).

One of the evenings, we were discussing about where in the world we have been, I am proud to say a lot, again thanks to my parents. Too bad I am not adding any on this trip. I have been to these countries before but the re is a chance that I might add one. The red is what I have visited and the white is yet to visit.

I am fully tanned (except certain areas) and shedding my skin like a snake already. I am loving it. I figured out to Twitter from my phone. So there might be more tweets than posts! (Twitter link at the bottom ot the site, one of those wordpress gadgets)

been there

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